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:: Hire Me!

Ok, yes, I do have a job. I'm presently the Director of Transformational Learning in the Continuing and Professional Studies unit at Thomas Edison State University. Previously, I was the Assistant Dean for Instructional Support and Assessment in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University. Here's my CV (.pdf) for further perusal.

Additionally, I also provide presentations, hands-on computer classes and consulting on various topics. For more information please email me at librarysteve@yahoo.com.

Some short kudos from my teaching at SCILS/SC&I is available if you're interested.

:: General Interests

Ah, what is there to say about me? For highlights: In 2017, I got married to a beautiful funny woman, changed jobs, and ran the NYC Marathon. In 2016, I finished my Ed.D. concentrating in the Design of Learning Environments.

:: The Pets

Present -

Bentley, the new guy. A 5ish yr old fox hound mix who wins our hearts more every day.

Moose the 15 year old cat, a big black poof, is still with me...we're best buddies now provided I provide her with her food and playtime upon request.

I also live with George and Jasmine who moved in, when Jill and I moved in together.

If you're wondering why most everyone has a page and they all look a little different...they're often the models for my Web Design and Multimedia classes.

Former -

Denni, white tiger kitty, went with my ex. Sad to see her go we always enjoyed each other's company when I was trying to work at home.

Buddy, my 13 year old pooch who enjoyed laying around, eating snausages and avoiding Moose the cat who got a little nervous around him

Teddy passed away right before Sandy hit. He was a big pile of love as most Golden Retreivers are...

Cody, the dog, passed away a few years back, I miss him a lot. He wasn't always a good boy, but he was my buddy. Visit his site for some memories of the big oaf.