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:: Short Kudos From SCILS class evaluations

Overall course evaluation results
2002 - 2016

Open ended comments

The material covered was practical - we could immediately apply it in our lives and see its potential in our roles as librarians.  The instructor was well prepared, an outline was provided so we knew what to expect for each class.  He was always available to help students.  The labs were extremely useful, the material very important for work in a library today - this was one of the most practical classes I have taken at SCILS.

the topics were so relevant to our current work and current discussions in libraries today - I feel empowered

This course removed the mystery from tools that will be very effective in every library of every type.

The instructor's way of teaching. The hands-on and the labs made it very easy to understand the lessons. The interaction between the tools used in class and how it would be used in a job or real life was great.

Steve's accessiblity as well as the currency of the topics discussed.  I honestly don't think that any other teacher I have had at RU would have taken the time to develop a course like this and be able to explain all the content so well.

This course and instructor have encouraged me to try out these new technologies and implement them in my own library position. Additionally, exposure to things like gaming has changed my previously negative opinion of them, where I now might implement them in our YA department.

The instructor made the work and application fun and interesting and always tied it into our real-lives as library professionals.  I had no idea that Web 2.0 resources were so widely used or even how they could be applied in the library field until this class.  The instructor is so knowledgable and enthusiastic about the material and reflects this in his teaching.

This course was well organized and the labs reinforced what was taught in the classroom so that then the homework made sense to me and further reinforced the lessons learned in class. The material was comprehensive and I added to my skills level each week.  The course also developed my confidence in working with this material which then encouraged me to learn more on my own - not be afraid to experiment - which is invaluable.

The learning curve is pretty firm; the professor will help anyone, and has a remarkable amount of patience, but he does stand pat on having us obtain a minimum skill level.

The instructor did an excellent job.  Although I didn't always enjoy the pressure and work load, I did learn  a lot, not just about class topics, but also 'incidental' things we needed know to accomplish the labs and assignments more efficiently.  They might seem trivial, but are not, just things taken for granted by computer geeks ( I can say that, I am married to one) - as simple as manuevering between tabs, ctl key use, useful learning resources on line, etc.  These are things we can share with our patrons too as we give user instruction.

Steve's affable, common-sense approach to web design.  He takes something mysterious and makes it into something we can do ourselves.  Very empowering, and nice to have a chance to be artistic. 

Steve Garwood has a great mix of professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm that is rare in the college environment. Additionally, he is personable and genuinely cares that students master the material. His approach to teaching is such that if for instance, if a student is petrified (aka technology phobia) of the material that will be covered in class, he has a way of easing the material into his lectures that even the most inept student learns and masters it.  Last but not least, he has a lot to offer students new to librarianship because he has innovative but common-sense ideas about libraries and librarianship that are worth hearing about.  He is definitely an asset to SCILS and a much-needed fresh voice in the profession. 

Too many ways to count. I really think i learned a lot of useful techniques for web design and project management for any future careers involved computers and information science.

This instructor has been invaluable because of his patience and sense of humor. He displays genuine respect for the students - regardless of their level of expertise and familiarity with the material. These qualities encouraged me to lose some fear and jump into the material and also have some fun!  Regarding professional growth and progress, that encouragement showed me that I can feel comfortable with technology that previously I found intimidating.

Steve is very good at giving you enough assistance to get you started and then letting you figure things out on your own (which I think teaches you more in the long run).

Like I wrote earlier, he is personable and has innovative ideas. When you mix that up you get a teacher who presents those ideas enthusiastically. Enthusiasm is contagious. 

Steve Garwood is one of the best professors I ever had. He knew I was struggling at times with the material but never made me feel inferior. He is an excellent teacher!

My limited knowlege of the subject had me aphehensive from the beginning, but Steve Garwood's relaxed approach to the material made tackeling the course load bearable...even fun!

The material and the way in which it was presented. Steve took some scary topics and made them accessible with real world applications that were fun to work on. The labs were a FABULOUS help. I've never had such a great time completing assignments!

The Camtasia lectures were very helpful, the labs were great for hands-on learning, and the discussion threads (with input from classmates with different levels of experience) enriched the material.

A lot of material is covered, so while familiariaty with some of it is to be expected, there was always something new to learn (even for the areas I was familiar with).  Amazingly, even if some weeks were 'easier' than others, the learning never stopped.

I've started using MS Access  and HTML coding at work. I'm so proud of myself. Steve is a very efficient instructor, always available to answer questions and his positive attitude towards the material taught is contagious.

The way Steve taught this course exposed me to many different technological "tools" that I know will be useful during my education at Rutgers, at home, and at work.  There were so many great things out there that Steve exposed us to ( a lot of information also came from the online discussions--Steve always chose topics that were useful and practical).

Although Steve is tough as far as assigning challenging work as well as a hefty load, he is extremely helpful, provides insight, along with some humor while encouraging students to figure things out on their own.

professor garwood definitely engaged us in the technological issues of contemporary librarianship. I feel thoroughly challenged to consider the pros and cons of various new media, etc.

Not only can I create a website from scratch using what I've learned in class in combination with my creative ability, but I can also look at an already completed web page and figure out how to create a web page that looks just like it.  I think that that was a very efficient way to teach the course, (with homework and the lab structured that way).

I have gained a better respect and love for Web Design, and am considering it either as a career or side job/hobby.